Month: February 2017

Demystifying Adult Orthodontics

The idea of receiving braces as an adult may seem strange to some – orthodontic treatment is usually provided for younger patients. However, this procedure can offer important benefits to those who need it, as it offers both cosmetic and oral health advantages. When you go in for your initial consultation, your orthodontist can address… Read more »

Quiz: Finding A Solution To TMJ Problems

Have you noticed that your jaw movements can sometimes feel strained, or difficult? Are you dealing with regular pain in your jaw joints, or in your face, neck, or head? These problems all tend to accompany TMJ issues. In addition to pain, and limited jaw movement, TMJ issues can also lead to a destructive teeth… Read more »

Helping Your Child Adjust To Life With Braces

Your child may experience a measure of anxiety upon learning they will need braces. Some of that concern can be rooted in the cosmetic effect an orthodontic appliance can have. They might also be nervous about any possible discomfort. Your orthodontist wants your child to have the best possible experience as they undergo care. In… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment Can Improve Your Cavity Defense

Many people think about orthodontic treatment, and anticipate life with a straightened smile. If you are considering having your teeth adjusted, you should know that you gain more than just an improved appearance. One way the straightening of crooked teeth can benefit you is by helping improve your cavity defense. When your teeth are properly… Read more »