Quiz: Orthodontics For Teens And Adults

quiz-orthodontics-for-teens-and-adultsIf you are bringing your teen in for orthodontic treatment, or preparing to go in for help yourself, you may be surprised by what has changed in this field. Thanks to improvements in technology, the orthodontic experience can offer new techniques for studying a patient’s condition, and different methods for treatment than you anticipate. One aspect of orthodontia that can make teens and adults uncomfortable is how the procedures can impact their appearance. Improvements to cosmetic orthodontics can allow for a less visible adjustment that still provides the necessary care.


True Or False: Modern imaging technology allows your orthodontist to take 3D images of your teeth and jaw, which can help them plan for your orthodontic experience.

True Or False: Cosmetic orthodontics offers more discreet methods for straightening a person’s teeth.

True Or False: Tooth-colored brackets are only half as effective as metal brackets.


True! Advanced scanners can create detailed images of your teeth, and your jaw, which help your dentist make the best possible preparations for an upcoming treatment. In addition to planning orthodontic work, these images can also help in preparing to address TMJ issues.

True! You have options if you want a less-visible method for correcting the alignment of your smile. You can use tooth-colored brackets, which are harder to spot. If you quality, you can have Invisalign aligners, which are hard for people to spot. Invisalign is also popular because you can remove your aligner when you need to eat, or when you are cleaning your teeth.

False! When you use ceramic brackets for your braces, you can have comparable results to metal brackets, while having a less conspicuous adjustment.