Tooth-Colored Brackets Can Change How You See Braces

tooth-colored-brackets-can-change-how-you-see-bracesWhat do you see when you picture yourself with braces? If you imagine your orthodontic appliance overtaking your smile, you may be interested in how cosmetic orthodontics can change your treatment experience. Upgrades in orthodontics have made a number of changes. For instance, changing from stainless steel to nickel-titanium-alloy wires has allowed for more uninterrupted movement of braces over time. The use of ceramic brackets instead of metal has had a positive cosmetic effect. These tooth-colored brackets blend in better with your smile, so they will be less intrusive on your appearance.

Your Experience With Tooth-Colored Brackets

Selecting tooth-colored brackets instead of metal should not impact the effectiveness of your orthodontic equipment. Ceramic brackets users also report less irritation from this material versus metal.

Why Adjusting Crooked Teeth Matters To Your Oral Health

Orthodontics patients may look forward to their days with a straightened smile, but this process is about more than just looks. Correcting crooked teeth can make it easier for you to avoid cavities, and can lower your risk for developing painful TMJ problems later in life. A dental correction can also help you avoid a recession of your gum line.

Qualifying For Invisalign Aligners

Some patients can have an orthodontic treatment that is practically invisible to the eyes of strangers. If your orthodontist feels you are a good candidate, you can have Invisalign aligners straighten your smile. Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of oral inserts, made with clear plastic, that slowly adjust your teeth. As you progress through the process, you will switch to new aligners, with each one bringing you closer to straight teeth.