How A Misaligned Bite Can Undermine Your Oral Health

how-a-misaligned-bite-can-undermine-your-oral-healthYou may think crooked teeth can only hurt how you look, but there are real oral health concerns tied to bad dental alignment. One problem is with tooth decay – your teeth may be harder to keep clean due to the way they overlap, making it harder to fight cavities. The raised difficulty in cleaning your teeth can also raise your risk for gingivitis. Over time, a misaligned bite can put stress on your jaw, to the point that you can have real problems with your jaw joints. Your orthodontist’s work correcting your smile can have a terrific effect on how you look, while also benefiting your well-being.

Orthodontic Work Can Improve Your Smile, And Your Jaw Function

Correcting your bite alignment can make daily jaw functions more comfortable, and help you avoid certain risks. Straight teeth are easier to care for, and a corrected bite reduces the chances you will place undue wear and tear on particular teeth. If you are concerned with how you look during treatment, you can talk to your orthodontist about cosmetic orthodontics, which can impact your appearance to a lesser degree during treatment.

Your Orthodontist Can Address TMJ Problems Directly

TMJ problems can affect your jaw movement, cause you to suffer regular discomfort, and generally sap your quality of life. Your orthodontist can actually help you tackle these issues directly. Imaging technology can provide a close look at what might be causing your jaw problems. If it is deemed necessary, your orthodontist can craft a special oral splint that holds your jaw in a more comfortable position.