Bringing Your Child For Their First Orthodontic Visit

bringing-your-child-for-their-first-orthodontic-visitThe start of orthodontic treatment can be a big moment for your child…and a worrying one. They may have questions about what the experience will be like, how they look after treatment, and how long the process will take. During your child’s initial orthodontic visit, your orthodontist can help them better understand what they should expect from their experience. Questions about the process, and the duration, can depend on your child’s current condition, which can be assessed using modern orthodontic technology. Because older children, particularly teens, can be concerned with their appearance, you can also use this meeting to discuss cosmetic dental options.

Using Modern Technology To Improve How Your Child’s Teeth Are Examined

Modern imaging technology allows your orthodontist to digitally create a view of your child’s teeth and jaw structure, so that a treatment plan can be mapped out. This offers precision, as well as a way of avoiding the use of an unpleasant bite mold.

How Cosmetic Orthodontics Can Help Image-Conscious Teens

Teens can be particularly self-conscious about orthodontic care, because of the effect on their appearance. Cosmetic orthodontics can make the process easier for them, by ensuring their corrective appliance is less noticeable. For those patients who qualify, Invisalign offers a discreet way to correct their crooked teeth. Instead of the conventional bracket-and-wire appliance, they will receive a series of clear plastic aligners. Unfortunately, some patients need a stronger adjustment than they can enjoy from Invisalign. There is a way to make braces less apparent – your teen can receive tooth-colored brackets. These brackets, made from ceramic instead of metal, offer the support of braces with a more subtle appearance.