Month: December 2016

Tooth-Colored Brackets Can Change How You See Braces

What do you see when you picture yourself with braces? If you imagine your orthodontic appliance overtaking your smile, you may be interested in how cosmetic orthodontics can change your treatment experience. Upgrades in orthodontics have made a number of changes. For instance, changing from stainless steel to nickel-titanium-alloy wires has allowed for more uninterrupted… Read more »

Bringing Your Child For Their First Orthodontic Visit

The start of orthodontic treatment can be a big moment for your child…and a worrying one. They may have questions about what the experience will be like, how they look after treatment, and how long the process will take. During your child’s initial orthodontic visit, your orthodontist can help them better understand what they should… Read more »

Could Your Smile Benefit From Invisalign?

Do you associate braces with awkward middle school years, and adolescent smiles? It is true that many cases of tooth misalignment can be caught early and corrected with traditional braces. But did you know that adults need not live with malocclusion (“bad bite”)?  The Invisalign program uses clear aligners to adjust tooth misalignment. Your smile could benefit if… Read more »

How Crooked Teeth Relate to Chronic Headaches

There are several ways in which crooked teeth can affect your life. From the way your smile appears to the way your bite functions, tooth misalignment can have long-lasting consequences for your oral health.  In some cases, crooked teeth might even lead to chronic discomfort by causing or exacerbating other dental health issues. For instance,… Read more »

How A Misaligned Bite Can Undermine Your Oral Health

You may think crooked teeth can only hurt how you look, but there are real oral health concerns tied to bad dental alignment. One problem is with tooth decay – your teeth may be harder to keep clean due to the way they overlap, making it harder to fight cavities. The raised difficulty in cleaning… Read more »