Can I Address Headaches With Orthodontics?

headachemansteamDid you know that beyond your feelings of dissatisfaction with the way your smile looks, your malocclusion (improper alignment of top and bottom teeth) can actually affect your comfort? The good news is that seeking orthodontic treatment can help alleviate headaches. The bad news is that you might not have ever heard of this important factor, which might offer you the motivation you’ve been hoping to muster up when it comes to seeking care. Learn more about this connection and contact us when you are ready for a straight smile.

Misalignment Causes Side Effects

When your teeth are not aligned properly, they do not fit together properly. Whether teeth overlap one another, are spaced apart from one another, whether it’s an open bite, under bite, cross bite, or overbite, there’s one shared problem: Your smile cannot function optimally because your teeth cannot close together for best chewing, resting, or otherwise. As a result, muscles may become exhausted as you attempt to reposition your jaws in an effort to maximize your ability to chew, speak, and rest comfortably. Consistent compensation of this manner can cause TMJ disorder (strained jaw joints), bruxism (grinding and clenching), and subsequent headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help!

How Orthodontics Can Address Headaches

As you have recognized, the alignment of your teeth is extremely important for your function and your ability to enjoy a wonderful quality of life. We offer a broad variety of orthodontic treatment options to shift your teeth into a beautiful, healthy alignment. As a result, you can utilize your smile without fatiguing muscles and other supportive tissues. Translation: Headaches will subside. It’s a win-win!