Month: November 2016

Misaligned Teeth Can Carry Higher Oral Health Risks

Having teeth that are poorly aligned can make you self-conscious, and less likely to show off your smile. While this can be frustrating in and of itself, you should also know that crooked teeth also carry oral health concerns. The improper positioning of your teeth can raise your likelihood of developing cavities, and make you… Read more »

Quiz: Modern Orthodontic Treatments

Thanks to a variety of upgrades to the field of orthodontic treatment, you may be surprised at the kind of care you or your child will receive. One particularly visible improvement is in cosmetic orthodontics. You can enjoy a correction with less of an effect on how you look while your teeth are being adjusted…. Read more »

Can I Address Headaches With Orthodontics?

Did you know that beyond your feelings of dissatisfaction with the way your smile looks, your malocclusion (improper alignment of top and bottom teeth) can actually affect your comfort? The good news is that seeking orthodontic treatment can help alleviate headaches. The bad news is that you might not have ever heard of this important… Read more »

A More Comfortable Way To Examine Your Teeth

Using plaster to create an impression of a patient’s teeth could be messy, and the act of biting down into the mold could be an unpleasant experience. Thanks to upgrades in orthodontic technology, your orthodontist can create impressively accurate images of your teeth and jaw. Rather than count on gooey material to make a 3D… Read more »