Starting Your Teen’s Orthodontic Adjustment

starting-your-teens-orthodontic-adjustmentMany people will start their orthodontic treatment in – or near – their teen years. There are exceptions. Some people will not receive the adjustment they need until they are adults. In some cases, younger children may go through what is known as phase I orthodontic treatment. This type of treatment serves to preemptively address issues that could make correcting their teeth more difficult when they are older. While it may be common for someone to undergo orthodontic correction as a teenager, there can still be concerns. They may be curious about what the process will entail, or worried about how it affects their appearance. Your orthodontist is aware of these concerns, and can help ensure a superior orthodontic experience that leaves them with a wonderful, properly adjusted smile.

What To Expect From Your Initial Visit

Your initial visit to the orthodontist will center around determining what sort of help your teen needs. Thanks to advancements in orthodontic technology, advanced digital images can be created, which help your orthodontist study your teen’s condition. Once initial reviews have taken place, a treatment plan can be developed.

The Value Of Cosmetic Orthodontics

Many teenagers can be preoccupied with their appearance – they may be anxious about what they look like while they wear braces. Thanks to cosmetic orthodontics, your teen can receive the help they need with less impact on their appearance. By using tooth-colored brackets made of ceramic, your orthodontist can outfit your teen with braces that are harder for people to notice. While not every patient qualifies, they could have inconspicuous treatment with Invisalign. An Invisalign treatment replaces bracket-and-wire braces with a series of aligners that will bring their teeth into their correct positions.