Improvements To Orthodontic Technology Can Benefit You

improvements-to-orthodontic-technology-can-benefit-youThe classic image of intrusive, stainless steel braces may be fresh in some people’s minds, but you should know that there have been real improvements to orthodontic technology. By using modern materials and tools, your orthodontist can offer a treatment experience that exceeds your expectations. Some changes might escape your notice. For instance, instead of steel, nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires can cut down on the number of trips you make to your orthodontist. Other changes are more apparent, like the use of imaging technology to provide better surveys of your teeth and jaw structures. Tools like iTero can eliminate the need to rely on messy molds to take an impression of your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic-Friendly Orthodontic Treatment Options

One material change that can have a real cosmetic benefit is the use of ceramic brackets for your braces instead of metal. Ceramic brackets can look like your enamel, so they camouflage effectively, and are more difficult for people to see. They can also cause less irritation. Some patients will be able to receive help from Invisalign, a series of clear plastic aligners that are practically undetectable, but can make real improvements to your smile by shifting your teeth into their more appropriate positions.

How Imaging Technology Make It Easier To Study Your Teeth And Jaw

Imaging technology produces vivid, detailed renderings of your teeth. Previous efforts to take an impression of teeth involved making patients bite into molds – an experience that could be unpleasant. Digital images can offer useful information, and cause less discomfort for you.