Month: October 2016

Starting Your Teen’s Orthodontic Adjustment

Many people will start their orthodontic treatment in – or near – their teen years. There are exceptions. Some people will not receive the adjustment they need until they are adults. In some cases, younger children may go through what is known as phase I orthodontic treatment. This type of treatment serves to preemptively address… Read more »

Improvements To Orthodontic Technology Can Benefit You

The classic image of intrusive, stainless steel braces may be fresh in some people’s minds, but you should know that there have been real improvements to orthodontic technology. By using modern materials and tools, your orthodontist can offer a treatment experience that exceeds your expectations. Some changes might escape your notice. For instance, instead of… Read more »

The Relationship Between Orthodontics And TMJ Issues

Why would your orthodontist care if something is wrong with your jaw? You might not realize it, but the alignment of your teeth can play a part in your jaw’s health. People with crooked teeth can suffer from malocclusion, a misaligned bite. To correct for this problem, you may operate your jaw uncomfortably when you… Read more »

What Makes Invisalign Unlike Traditional Braces

Cosmetic orthodontic solutions offer adults and teens a way to have their teeth adjusted with less impact on their looks. Your orthodontist can offer a less conspicuous treatment that still leaves your smile in the correct alignment. For patients who need less significant adjustments, Invisalign can be an ideal pathway to straighter teeth. These clear… Read more »