Using Ceramic Brackets For Your Braces

using ceramic brackets for your bracesWhat do you picture when you imagine yourself with braces on your teeth? Are they a prominent feature when you smile? This idea – that orthodontic work will take a major toll on your appearance – is not necessarily true. Cosmetic orthodontics can offer a more attractive way to adjust your teeth, so that treatment has less impact on your looks. One way to reduce the visibility of braces is by using tooth-colored brackets, which are made with ceramic. These can work as well as metal brackets, while leaving your smile less disrupted. Many patients also report that the tooth-colored brackets create less irritation!

Are Braces With Ceramic Brackets As Effective As Metal Braces?

Using tooth-colored brackets can achieve comparable results to metal brackets. Something like Invisalign, which uses clear plastic oral trays to shift your teeth, may only be effective for people with milder alignment problems. Tooth-colored brackets allow you to make serious corrections to your smile, while having a less notable effect on it.

Learning Your Orthodontic Needs During Your First Visit

The way to learn what orthodontic treatment is right for you is by meeting your orthodontist. Your first visit can reveal the level of correction you need, and what sort of treatment is the right approach to make it happen. There have been upgrades to how your orthodontist can correct the position of teeth, as well as changes in how they can study them. Improved orthodontic technology can create digital images of your teeth, so that your issues can be examined, and planned for, carefully. Your first visit is also where you can start to form an idea of how long your treatment may take.