Quiz: Orthodontics And Your Oral Health

quiz-orthodontics-and-your-oral-healthYou probably need little in the way of an explanation on how orthodontics will affect your appearance. By straightening your teeth, you can enjoy a drastically new look. This may be enough to motivate many people to have their teeth adjusted, but more than your appearance can be improved. When you straighten your teeth, you can enjoy real benefits to your oral health. This includes a reduced cavity risk, and a reduced chance that you will develop issues with your jaw joints. Traditional braces can offer an ideal adjustment, but there are also effective cosmetic orthodontic options.


True Or False: Because crooked teeth can make certain areas hard to reach, orthodontic adjustment can make it easier to prevent cavities.

True Or False: There is no way crooked teeth can cause TMJ problems.

True Or False: Phase I orthodontic treatment can offer an early start in treating complicated issues with your child’s dental alignment.


True! Straightening your teeth can make it easier to brush the full surface area of your teeth. When overlaps exist, you could struggle to give some areas the attention they deserve.

False! If your teeth are crooked, it can alter the way you chew, speak, and bite. If these alterations cause you to move your jaw in an unnatural fashion, TMJ problems can start to develop. If you already have issues with your jaw, your orthodontist can help treat TMJ troubles.

True! Phase I treatment is offered to younger children who need more advanced work done to correct their alignment issues. This treatment can help them avoid needing complex work when they are older.