Cosmetic Orthodontic Options

cosmetic-orthodontic-optionsThere is more than one path to straighter teeth. If you are concerned about the cosmetic impact that comes from orthodontic work, you should know that some of the methods available can be more discreet. Cosmetic orthodontics can take quality care of your teeth, while making less of an impact on how you look during your adjustment. It is important to remember that orthodontic care is not merely a matter of addressing how you look. Your teeth after correction will have a lower cavity risk, and you will be less likely to develop TMJ problems when your teeth have been straightened.

What You Gain From Having Tooth-Colored Brackets

Receiving tooth-colored brackets for your braces can make them harder for people to see. Those brackets, made with ceramic, can be harder to notice against your enamel. These can offer the ability to make the necessary movements to bring you straight teeth, with less visibility than metal brackets. In addition to their effectiveness and more discreet appearance, patients have remarked that they can be more comfortable, and cause less cheek and lip irritation, than metal brackets.

For Those Who Qualify, Invisalign Can Offer A Discreet Adjustment

Not everyone will qualify for Invisalign – it is not a recommended treatment for people who need more serious adjustments. However, people who are good candidates can have their teeth adjusted with this system, which does not require the use of braces. Instead, your teeth will be straightened with a series of clear plastic aligners. The aligners – which can be removed whenever you eat or clean your teeth – will make progressive corrections.