Can Straightening Your Teeth Help Your Oral Health?

can-straightening-your-teeth-help-your-oral-healthBecause orthodontic work can have such a drastic effect on your appearance, it can be easy to think of it as being primarily about how you look. The reality is that there are real oral health benefits to correcting crooked teeth, too. Because misalignments can make it harder to clean the entire surface of certain teeth, you may have a tougher time preventing cavities. There are also connections between crooked teeth and problems like bruxism, and TMJ issues. An adjustment can do great things for your smile, as well as your oral health.

Improved Orthodontic Technology And Its Effect On Your Orthodontic Experience

There are improvements to the orthodontic experience thanks to upgraded technology, starting with your earliest appointments. Digital imaging technology, like the iTero digital scanner, can create accurate, useful scans of your teeth and jaw, to help prepare your orthodontist to treat you. The use of nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires, instead of stainless steel, actually reduces the number of manual adjustments you would need to see your orthodontist to receive.

Did You Know? Cosmetic Orthodontic Options Are Available

Here is some good news for people concerned with how their orthodontic adjustment will make them look: cosmetic orthodontics can discreetly adjust your teeth. If your condition is mild enough, you can qualify to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, which can make adjustments using a sequence of clear oral trays. For those who need a more significant adjustment, there are tooth-colored brackets. These brackets are less visible than the conventional metal, so people will have a harder time detecting their presence.