When Is The Right Time To Start Orthodontic Work?

when is the right time to start orthodontic workYou may have seen some signs that your child will need to have their teeth corrected, but you may have questions about when the right time is to start treatment. It can be hard to anticipate when to start your child’s orthodontic treatment because they are still growing, and their teeth may still be settling in. You can receive an informed answer on how – and when – to start orthodontic treatment when you go in for an initial orthodontic appointment. Children will have different needs based on what sort of alignment problems they are dealing with. Some will start closer to their teen years, while others could benefit from work that begins at an earlier age.

On Your First Orthodontic Visit

During your first visit, your orthodontist will take the time to examine your child’s teeth and jaw, to start understanding what work might be necessary. This appointment can help your orthodontist answer some general questions about what your child will need, but more in-depth information can require a more involved review.

Phase I Treatment Can Make Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment Easier

Phase I treatment is not for every child, but some will benefit from undergoing it. This is essentially early adjustment work, also called early interceptive treatment, can start while your child’s jaw is still in the process of developing. This can make big adjustments early, so that a later adjustment can be more manageable.

Orthodontics For Adults

You may have been considering orthodontic treatment, but been hesitant. For the sake of your smile – and your oral health – you should talk to your orthodontist sooner, not later. After treatment, your cavity risk will be reduced, you will be less likely to deal with jaw problems, and you can show off a more attractive smile.