Quiz: Orthodontics For Kids And Teens

quiz orthodontics for kids and teensAs your children grow older, they may show signs that they will need orthodontic work to correct the position of their teeth. Orthodontics is about more than just how they look. It can be easier to prevent cavities when your teeth are straight. Correcting a person’s bite also reduces the chances that they will develop TMJ problems. That being said, having straightened teeth can provide a big boost to a person’s confidence. Your orthodontist can work to provide the best possible orthodontic experience for kids.


True Or False: There will never be a situation where orthodontic work can benefit a child before their teens.

True Or False: Your orthodontist can be sensitive to the emotional distress receiving braces can have on teens.

True Or False: Tooth-colored brackets can help your teen enjoy less conspicuous treatment.


False! Some younger children will benefit from phase I orthodontic treatment. This will not be the only work they need to straighten their teeth, but making adjustments at an early age can prevent larger problems from developing as they age. Phase I treatment can mean an easier adjustment once they are old enough for traditional orthodontic work.

True! Your orthodontist can work to accommodate the needs of teen patients, so that they have the best possible experience. Cosmetic orthodontics can help by making their adjustment less conspicuous.

True! By offering braces that use tooth-colored brackets made of porcelain, and not metal, your child’s braces can be harder to notice. While kids with more serious cases of misalignment may not qualify, some older teens may be good candidates for Invisalign.