Quiz: Discreet Orthodontic Treatments

quiz discreet orthodontic treatmentsThe purpose of orthodontic treatment is to provide you with proper dental alignment. This means straightening your teeth, and ensuring that you do not have an uneven bite. These are important for your oral health, as well as for how you look. If you are looking into orthodontic work for yourself or a family member, you may have concerns about how you will look during the treatment. Cosmetic orthodontics can help ensure that your treatment is discreet. While not everyone will qualify for every cosmetically-pleasing option available, your orthodontist can work with you to help you feel comfortable with your appearance while your teeth are being adjusted.

True Or False: Ceramic Brackets Are Harder To Notice Than Metal Brackets

True! Tooth-colored brackets use ceramic, not metal, for your braces. These brackets are harder for people to notice, and may cause less irritation for the inside of your lip.

True Or False: Everyone Can Qualify For An Invisalign Treatment

False! Invisalign clear aligners are not recommended for people who need more significant work done to correct their teeth. However, if you receive approval from your orthodontist, Invisalign can be a highly discreet method for correcting your alignment issues. Because the inserts are removable, you can also have an easier time keeping your teeth clean, and eating while you go through treatment.

True Or False: Your Orthodontist Can Work With Teen Patients To Help Provide Them Less Conspicuous Treatment

True! Teenagers can be particularly sensitive about how they look. Your orthodontist is aware that this can make them anxious about treatment, and can work to find a discreet – and still effective – treatment.