Phase I Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

phase 1 orthodontic treatment for your childYou may not realize it, but there are advantages to having your child undergo orthodontic treatment before their adult teeth have completely arrived. This sort of procedure, referred to as phase I orthodontic treatment, is intended to preemptively counter incorrect developments that could leave them in need of more involved corrections once their secondary teeth are totally present. Phase I treatment, also called interceptive treatment, takes advantage of the fact that your child’s bones are still more malleable, making it easier to correct them. By changing growth patterns, problems can be stopped before they start to become a serious obstacle.

Making Kids Feel Comfortable Visiting The Orthodontist

Your orthodontist wants your children to feel comfortable coming in for a visit. A special games area is available to help them with the wait. Your orthodontist can also talk to your child, and help them understand what is happening with their teeth, and why these corrections are important.

Orthodontics For Teens

Not every child will need interceptive assistance at an earlier age. While starting orthodontic work for an older child or teen may be more the norm, there are still factors to consider. One issue is that they may be upset or self-conscious at the thought of how they will look during treatment. Instead of metal, you can arrange to have tooth-colored brackets instead. These are harder to notice, meaning they will impact their appearance less. In some cases, your child may even qualify to have their teeth adjusted with Invisalign, which can mean less intrusive, and less visible, corrective work.