Orthodontic Upgrades That Benefit You

orthodontic upgrades that benefit youAdvances in orthodontic technology can have a direct impact on how your teeth are straightened. There have been advancements that can make dental corrections less conspicuous. Upgrades have also improved how your orthodontist studies your teeth, to prepare for your adjustment. You may be returning for more help after your teeth shifted later in life. You could be preparing to take your child in to start orthodontic treatment. In either case, you may be pleasantly surprised at how orthodontic upgrades have improved on patients’ overall experiences.

Fewer Orthodontic Adjustments, Thanks To Nickel-Titanium Arch Wires

One harder-to-see change is with the material used to construct braces. Instead of stainless steel, your orthodontist can use nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires. This material can actually continue to move your teeth for a longer duration. How does that affect your treatment? That ability to work for longer means fewer manual adjustments to your braces, and fewer orthodontic appointments.

Tooth-Colored Brackets Are Less Conspicuous Than Metal Brackets

Another material change, the use of tooth-colored brackets offer patients a chance to wear braces that have less of an impact on their looks. The ceramic brackets are still able to effectively shift your teeth, and patients have reported that they can be less irritating to their inner lips than metal brackets.

Using Invisalign Instead Of Braces

If a patient’s alignment issues are mild enough to qualify, they can go without braces and still have their teeth adjusted. This is possible thanks to Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligners to gradually move your teeth into their preferred positions. Because they are clear, people will have a harder time noticing that you are wearing them. Because they are removable, you will have an easier time eating, and cleaning your teeth.