How Oral Splint Therapy Can Help Relieve Chronic Headaches

how oral splint therapy can help with chronic headachesMany people may not be aware of how the condition of their jaw affects their larger well-being. However, if you are in the midst of dealing with TMJ problems, you may be all too familiar with the discomfort issues with these joints can create. Because it is connected with your trigeminal nerve, which affects sensation in your face, neck, and head, TMJ problems can lead to chronic headaches. The solution to these problems can lie with your orthodontist, and oral splint therapy. Your orthodontist can analyze your teeth and jaw, and develop an oral splint that helps keeps your joints in proper alignment. Over time, this can take care of your routine discomforts.

Studying Your Jaw For Alignment Issues

Orthodontic technology can make it possible to produce high-quality digital images of your teeth and jaw. When you go in for treatment for TMJ problems, your orthodontist can analyze the joints, and take dimensions in order to create your oral splint. This means highly accurate measurements, a better understanding of your condition, and no biting into a mold to create a dental impression.

How A Misaligned Bite Can Put You At Risk For TMJ Problems

Your TMJ troubles may have something to do with a misaligned bite, which your orthodontist can help treat. This condition, malocclusion, can be the result of crooked teeth. Having poor dental alignment can also affect your cavity risk, as improper overlaps between teeth might cause you to miss effectively cleaning certain areas. Your dentist may recommend starting orthodontic work, so that you enjoy the healthiest possible smile.