3 Problems You Can Address By Correcting Crooked Teeth

3 problems you can address by correcting crooked teethThe promise of straight teeth might be all you need to seek out orthodontic treatment. The esthetic advantages of correcting crooked teeth can be as plain as the smile on your face. Cosmetic orthodontic options can even help minimize the effect on your appearance during that correction. However, there is more to an adjustment than just changing how you look. There are real health benefits to orthodontic treatment. Having straight teeth can make it easier to avoid tooth decay, prevent the onset of jaw pains, and even protect you from premature wear on certain teeth.

1. An Increased Risk For Cavities

The relative difficulty of keeping uneven teeth cavity-free can vary, based on the nature of alignment issues. Simply put, when you have areas of teeth that are harder to reach, you are more likely to have areas where bacteria and food debris can settle for longer periods. That means those areas can take sustained damage that can lead to cavities forming.

2. Uneven Wear On Certain Teeth

As with the potential for tooth decay, your relative risk can depend on the nature of your misalignment. You may be putting certain teeth under more wear and tear because of the way they are positioned. Instead of relatively even distribution of effort, certain teeth could be doing more work, and taking more damage over time as a result.

3. Chronic Pain In Your Jaw

An uneven bite can lead to placing improper strain on your jaw joints, which over time can leave you in chronic pain due to TMJ problems. Your orthodontist can actually address TMJ issues directly by developing an oral splint, which helps keep your jaw in a more comfortable position.