Month: July 2016

Orthodontic Upgrades That Benefit You

Advances in orthodontic technology can have a direct impact on how your teeth are straightened. There have been advancements that can make dental corrections less conspicuous. Upgrades have also improved how your orthodontist studies your teeth, to prepare for your adjustment. You may be returning for more help after your teeth shifted later in life…. Read more »

3 Problems You Can Address By Correcting Crooked Teeth

The promise of straight teeth might be all you need to seek out orthodontic treatment. The esthetic advantages of correcting crooked teeth can be as plain as the smile on your face. Cosmetic orthodontic options can even help minimize the effect on your appearance during that correction. However, there is more to an adjustment than… Read more »

Quiz: Discreet Orthodontic Treatments

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to provide you with proper dental alignment. This means straightening your teeth, and ensuring that you do not have an uneven bite. These are important for your oral health, as well as for how you look. If you are looking into orthodontic work for yourself or a family member,… Read more »

Phase I Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

You may not realize it, but there are advantages to having your child undergo orthodontic treatment before their adult teeth have completely arrived. This sort of procedure, referred to as phase I orthodontic treatment, is intended to preemptively counter incorrect developments that could leave them in need of more involved corrections once their secondary teeth… Read more »

How Oral Splint Therapy Can Help Relieve Chronic Headaches

Many people may not be aware of how the condition of their jaw affects their larger well-being. However, if you are in the midst of dealing with TMJ problems, you may be all too familiar with the discomfort issues with these joints can create. Because it is connected with your trigeminal nerve, which affects sensation… Read more »