Responding To An Orthodontic Emergency

responding to an orthodontic emergencyYour braces are constructed with the expectation that they will undergo some pressure. Between daily wear and tear on teeth, and the constant movement that comes from adjustment, durability matters. That being said, problems can sometimes arise. There is no need to panic if you think that your braces have broken. Your orthodontist is available to help with an emergency, and can fix a problem that has come up with a bracket, or your arch wire. Your orthodontist can also advise you on dealing with discomfort that arises from your appliance.

What You Can Do Before Seeing Your Orthodontist

There are measures you can take to alleviate some of the discomfort that can come from a broken appliance. If you have an issue with a loose wire, you can gently move it with a pencil eraser so that it is not probing at your mouth or cheek. You can also use orthodontic wax to cover the wire, to help stop it from hurting. Wax should also be applied to a loose or damaged bracket. These are by no means permanent solutions, but it can be a relief to mitigate some of your discomfort between the onset of the problem, and your emergency session with your orthodontist.

Tooth-Colored Brackets Can Reduce Irritation

Many people like the cosmetic advantage of tooth-colored brackets, but there can be other benefits. Patients who receive tooth-colored brackets have actually reported dealing with less irritation than those who wear metal braces. This means that in addition to a better-looking variation on braces, they can also be more comfortable for users.