Preparing For Orthodontic Treatment

preparing for orthodontic treatmentThere are preliminary steps that need to be performed before an orthodontic adjustment officially begins. Before an any appliance can be placed, your orthodontist’s first step is to make a study of your teeth and jaw, to determine your individual needs. Thanks to upgrades in orthodontic technology, these earliest steps can be performed digitally. This means enjoying remarkable accuracy, and avoiding the unpleasant sensations that come with making manual impressions of your teeth. The iTero scanner can also mean developing a faster, more precise model for use in the construction of Invisalign aligners, and oral splints for TMJ treatment.

When Is It Time To Seek Out Orthodontic Treatment?

People come to their orthodontist with different needs, and in different stages of life. Some people will not have their teeth adjusted until they are adults, while others will have crooked teeth corrected at a much younger age. Early orthodontic treatment can benefit children who show signs that they will have alignment troubles when they are older. Interceptive care for a child can help with problems like malocclusion later in life. In some cases, it is advisable to have corrective work even before their adult teeth have completely arrived. Your orthodontist can do an initial study of your child’s teeth, and help you best anticipate when to begin treatment.

Why Upgrades To Imaging Technology Matter For Orthodontic Treatment

The best possible impression of your teeth means the best information for your orthodontist. Creating manual impressions would require you to bite into a mold, which could be an unpleasant experience. In addition to greater accuracy, imaging technology means an easier first step in the process of straightening your teeth.