Orthodontic Treatment Is About More Than Just Your Looks

orthodontic treatment is about more than just your looksStraightening your teeth can dramatically improve your smile, and your overall confidence. However, these are hardly the only benefits you gain from undergoing an orthodontic treatment. If your teeth are crooked, you may have a harder time preventing the formation of cavities. You may be more likely to experience recession in your gums. Because improperly aligned teeth can affect your bite, you can develop TMJ problems over time. Corrective work from your orthodontist can have a powerful effect on your overall oral health, as well as your appearance.

Your Orthodontist’s Role In Addressing TMJ Pain

Your orthodontist can provide relief from TMJ issues. By correcting the alignment of your bite, you can enjoy a more natural jaw movement when you bite and chew food. You can also receive dedicated attention to TMJ problems. A digital scan of your mouth can help your orthodontist understand your bite’s role in your chronic jaw pain. From this information, a special oral splint can be made for you. The splint will hold your jaw in a more natural position, which will alleviate the chronic discomfort you have experienced.

For Image-Conscious Patients, Discreet Treatments Are Available

While the health benefits of orthodontic treatment should not be overlooked, it is worth noting that there are cosmetic advantages to having your teeth straightened. In fact, your orthodontist can provide corrective appliances that minimize the impact on your appearance while you undergo treatment. Instead of conventional metal brackets, you can have tooth-colored brackets with your braces. These will be harder for people to see, so that your treatment does less to change your appearance while you wear them.