Navigating Orthodontic Treatment As An Adult

navigating orthodontic treatment as an adultOrthodontic treatment can be considered something for children and teens, but many people do not undergo dental realignment until adulthood. If you become uncomfortable thinking about how orthodontic work will affect your appearance, you should know that cosmetic orthodontics can help minimize your concerns. Corrective treatment can be done discreetly and effectively. The benefits of having your teeth straightened are not just for your appearance, as your overall oral health actually improves with straight teeth. A consultation with your orthodontist can help you appreciate the value of repositioning your teeth, as well as inform you of the treatment options available to you.

Correcting Your Dental Alignment Offers Health Benefits

What orthodontic treatment can do for your looks is motivation enough for many people. However, there are other advantages. By straightening your teeth, you can actually reduce your cavity risk. Portions of your teeth that were once hard to reach, and therefore more vulnerable to decay, will now be easier to clean. There is also a link between an uneven bite (otherwise known as malocclusion) and TMJ problems. TMJ problems are a painful condition in your jaw joints that can put you through chronic pain.

Discreet Treatment Options Are Available

Not everyone will be a viable candidate, but those who are eligible can enjoy discreet correction with Invisalign. These clear oral inserts can be difficult for others to spot, but they can effectively correct milder cases of misalignment. If your orthodontist determines that you will need braces to make more involved adjustments, you can receive tooth-colored brackets. These brackets use ceramic, so that they are harder for people to see.