3 Things You Might Not Know About Orthodontics

3 things you might not know about orthodonticsDid you know that straightening your teeth can alter your cavity risk? Are you aware that cosmetic orthodontics can minimize the change in your appearance during dental realignment? There have been advances in how your orthodontist prepares you for corrective work. Some patients will be able to enjoy correction without using braces. If you or your child have uneven teeth, having a better idea of what the experience of adjusting them will be like can help quell your anxieties, and make it easier to understand how beneficial orthodontic work can be.

1. An Impression Of Your Teeth Can Be Taken Digitally

An iTero scanner can render a three-dimensional image of your mouth, which your orthodontist can use to plan your dental realignment. In the past, messy substances were required to take manual impressions. A digital review can be a more comfortable alternative to taking necessary impressions of your teeth.

2. There Are Less-Visible Treatment Options

Patients who need less work to correct their teeth can be treated with Invisalign clear inserts. A sequence of oral trays – made from clear plastic, to avoid disrupting your appearance – will make progressive corrections to your teeth. Other patients who need a more advanced correction with braces can use ceramic tooth brackets instead of metal, so that their braces are harder to notice.

3. Fixing Crooked Teeth Can Benefit Your Oral Health

Sure, having your teeth straightened can improve your appearance, but that is not the only benefit. Your risk for TMJ problems can be reduced when you undergo orthodontic work. You will also have an easier time preventing cavities, as it will be easier to fully clean your teeth. People with crooked teeth will often have areas that are difficult to reach, due to overlaps.