Quiz: Cosmetic Orthodontics

quiz on cosmetic orthodonticsHow much do you know about the options that are available to people who want a cosmetically pleasing orthodontic treatment? If your idea of teeth straightening is an intrusive set of metal bracket-and-wire braces, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are more appealing alternatives. Some people can even enjoy Invisalign, a removable appliance that adjusts your teeth while being extremely difficult for people to notice. Others can have brackets made with ceramic, so that their braces do a better job camouflaging themselves against their enamel.

True Or False: Not Everyone Qualifies For Invisalign Aligners

True! Unfortunately, people who have more advanced dental alignment problems are not likely to be considered as candidates for Invisalign. For those who do qualify, the clear aligning trays are a minimally intrusive way to put your teeth in the proper position over time. They can even be taken off your teeth whenever you need to brush and floss, or eat.

True Or False: Tooth-Colored Brackets Are Less Effective Than Metal Brackets

False! Although the material used for their brackets is different, tooth-colored braces use the same wire-based tension system to shift your teeth to where they need to be. Some people even find that the ceramic is less of an irritant to the inside of their mouth than metal braces.

True Or False: Your Orthodontist Can Recommend Discreet Orthodontic Treatments For Younger Patients

True! If you have a teen who is worried about how an orthodontic appliance will affect their looks, your orthodontist can review what options are available for more discreet treatments.