Orthodontic Treatment For TMJ Problems

orthodontic treatment for tmj problemsStraightening your teeth is about more than changing how you look, and your orthodontist can offer more than treatment for crooked teeth. You can actually seek treatment for TMJ problems through your orthodontist. Advanced scanning devices can study the current alignment of your jaw, and an oral splint can be designed to keep it in a more comfortable position while you sleep. This splint can help alleviate the chronic discomfort you have experienced. TMJ issues can make you suffer frequent headaches, as well as make jaw movements difficult. It can make it uncomfortable to speak, chew, or bite.

What Causes TMJ Problems?

TMJ is an acronym for temporomandibular joint. If something causes these joints to be poorly aligned, or otherwise harms them, you can experience TMJ troubles. This can happen after an injury, or because you routinely grind your teeth. Having crooked teeth and/or a poorly aligned bite can also cause these problems to occur. You can also develop arthritis in these joints. In addition to complicating your ability to move your jaw, you can feel pain or soreness in your face and neck, and have reoccurring headaches.

Fixing Your Appearance, And Your Bite, With Orthodontic Treatment

Poorly aligned teeth can lead to a poorly aligned bite, also referred to as malocclusion. If you suffer from malocclusion, orthodontic treatment can help. After your teeth are adjusted, you can enjoy an improvement to your looks, and you can avoid complications with your oral health caused by crooked teeth. If you need braces to correct your teeth, but are put off by how they will make you look, you should ask about tooth-colored brackets. These brackets are less conspicuous, so your braces will do less to your appearance.