Knowing When To Begin Orthodontic Treatment

knowing when to begin orthodontic treatmentBecause different patients will have different needs, there is no hard and fast rule for when a child should start orthodontic treatment. In some cases, there will be benefits to having your child start a treatment before all of their secondary teeth have arrived. They may have to wear braces again once their secondary teeth have arrived, but the process can be greatly eased by this earlier procedure. In some cases, it may be preferable to wait until your child is older. Your orthodontist can be mindful of how teen patients might be anxious over how treatment will affect their appearance. In these cases, cosmetic orthodontics can provide the adjustment they need, while having less impact on how they look.

The Advantages Of Starting Orthodontic Treatment Early

A phased approach to orthodontic treatment can tackle issues at development stages, and help offset the potential for your child to have a poorly-developed bite. This can ultimately make it easier to straighten their teeth, and avoid problems with malocclusion. Because their jaw is easier to manipulate in the earlier stages of development, these corrections at an early age can be less difficult to accomplish. Not every child will need this kind of approach. Treatment may not be necessary until all of their adult teeth are in place.

Regular Care Throughout The Orthodontic Process

If an orthodontic emergency comes up, you should take your child for treatment as soon as possible. Your orthodontist is trained to handle problems that arise, and can resolve the issue. By taking care of a problem quickly, there is less chance that it will derail their expected treatment time.