Can Having Crooked Teeth Increase My Cavity Risk?

can having crooked teeth increase my cavity riskMany people might assume that crooked teeth are only a problem for cosmetic reasons. However, there can be accompanying health complications that make orthodontic treatment important. One issue with crooked teeth is that you can have a harder time fighting cavities. Spaces where your teeth overlap can be harder to access and effectively clean, so that they become safe havens for food debris and plaque. If your teeth make it harder for you to comfortably bite, you could develop TMJ problems. Some people may hold off on having their teeth straightened because they do not like how it will affect their appearance. If this attitude has kept you from seeing your orthodontist, you should know that more discreet alternatives can be provided.

Crooked Teeth Can Be Harder To Clean Properly

In order to gain the full benefit of brushing and flossing, you need to access the entire surface area of your teeth above the gum line. If certain areas are hard for you to reach, cavities are more likely to form there.

Other Problems Associated With Dental Misalignment

A poorly aligned bite is one cause of TMJ disorder. TMJ problems can leave a person struggling with persistent pains in their jaw, their face, and their head. Because some teeth may be disproportionately engaged when you bite and chew, you could have problems with those teeth later on.

When It Comes To Orthodontic Treatment, You Have Options

Invisalign can fix teeth alignment without the use of visibly intrusive braces. Not everyone qualifies for this treatment, but those who do can enjoy a discreet, easy to use system. Ceramic tooth brackets can also make braces less noticeable.