3 Reasons To Consider Tooth-Colored Brackets

3 reasons to consider tooth colored bracketsIt is possible to undergo orthodontic treatment that attempts to minimize the effect on your looks. If you need braces, but worry about how conspicuous they are, ceramic tooth-colored brackets can help. These braces operate with the same bracket-and-wire approach of conventional braces, but the ceramic material can make them harder for people to notice. Orthodontics is about more than just appearances. There are a number of advantages to having straight teeth. It can be easier to keep straight teeth free of cavities. A poorly-adjusted bite can actually raise your odds of developing TMJ problems. That being said, cosmetic orthodontics can help patients feel less self-conscious about how treatment will affect their smile.

1. Enjoy A Less Conspicuous Orthodontic Treatment Than With Metal Braces

Tooth-colored brackets can be as effective as the traditional metal type, but create less interference with your smile. The color of the ceramic can match your tooth color, so that a camouflaging effect minimizes their impact on your looks.

2. They Can Be A Cosmetically-Pleasing Alternative If You Do Not Qualify For Invisalign

Invisalign can help people with milder misalignment straighten their teeth discreetly, but not everyone can qualify to receive them. If you have been turned down for Invisalign, tooth-colored brackets can provide help while still having less of an esthetic effect.

3. They Can Be Less Embarrassing For Teen Patients

If you have an older child or teen who feels dismayed at the thought of having to wear braces, you can ask about tooth-colored brackets for them. Teens can receive the correction they need, while worrying less about what it does to their appearance.