Month: April 2016

Knowing When To Begin Orthodontic Treatment

Because different patients will have different needs, there is no hard and fast rule for when a child should start orthodontic treatment. In some cases, there will be benefits to having your child start a treatment before all of their secondary teeth have arrived. They may have to wear braces again once their secondary teeth… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment For TMJ Problems

Straightening your teeth is about more than changing how you look, and your orthodontist can offer more than treatment for crooked teeth. You can actually seek treatment for TMJ problems through your orthodontist. Advanced scanning devices can study the current alignment of your jaw, and an oral splint can be designed to keep it in… Read more »

3 Reasons To Consider Tooth-Colored Brackets

It is possible to undergo orthodontic treatment that attempts to minimize the effect on your looks. If you need braces, but worry about how conspicuous they are, ceramic tooth-colored brackets can help. These braces operate with the same bracket-and-wire approach of conventional braces, but the ceramic material can make them harder for people to notice…. Read more »

Can Having Crooked Teeth Increase My Cavity Risk?

Many people might assume that crooked teeth are only a problem for cosmetic reasons. However, there can be accompanying health complications that make orthodontic treatment important. One issue with crooked teeth is that you can have a harder time fighting cavities. Spaces where your teeth overlap can be harder to access and effectively clean, so… Read more »

Quiz: Cosmetic Orthodontics

How much do you know about the options that are available to people who want a cosmetically pleasing orthodontic treatment? If your idea of teeth straightening is an intrusive set of metal bracket-and-wire braces, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are more appealing alternatives. Some people can even enjoy Invisalign, a removable… Read more »