Test Your Knowledge Of Orthodontics

test your knowledge of orthodonticsThanks to advances in orthodontic technology, your idea of how teeth are straightened may not match up to current practices. If you or a family member have crooked teeth that need to be addressed, the process may not be what you expect. Developments have allowed for more advanced methods of examining your teeth, and more discreet methods to realign them. A better understanding of what your orthodontist can do for you can help you anticipate what to expect from treatment.

True Or False: If You Want To Straighten Your Teeth, You Need Braces

False! Invisalign uses a series of aligning trays to reposition your teeth. These inserts are made from clear plastic, and are hard to spot on your smile.

True Or False: Invisalign Aligners Can Be Removed

True! Invisalign aligners can be removed whenever you need to eat, or when you are cleaning your teeth. However, you should keep them on your teeth as often as possible, so that they can have their desired effect.

True Or False: You Can Have A Digital Impression Taken Of Your Teeth

True! Technology like the iTero digital scanner can create a 3D image of your mouth, which your orthodontist can use to examine your individual needs.

True Or False: Braces Can Use Ceramic Brackets, Which Are Less Conspicuous

True! Tooth-colored brackets use the same bracket-and-wire method to straighten teeth that traditional braces use, but by using ceramic brackets, they can be less disruptive to your smile. This can benefit patients who are worried about how braces will affect how they look, but do not qualify for Invisalign.