Low-Profile Orthodontic Treatments For Teens

low-profile orthodontic treatments for teensBecause they are commonly used to correct the teeth of younger children, older children may feel uncomfortable at the thought of wearing braces. If your teenager is self-conscious about the effect orthodontics will have on how they look, less conspicuous treatments are available. There are new techniques for straightening teeth that are less visually obstructive than traditional bracket-and-wire braces. These discreet treatments can help your teen feel less self-conscious about correcting misaligned teeth. In many cases, your orthodontist can adjust your teen’s teeth with Invisalign, and forgo braces. If they are not a viable candidate for aligners, tooth-colored brackets can make braces harder to notice.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign aligners differ from traditional braces in a number of ways. One of the most pronounced differences is that unlike braces, aligners can be removed. This can make it easier to clean your teeth, and enjoy eating and drinking without worrying about leaving food in your braces. Their clear plastic also makes it difficult for observers to spot them on your teeth. Invisalign requires you to wear inserts that gradually bring your teeth into the correct alignment. Your orthodontist will check at regular intervals to ensure that your teeth are making the expected progress.

Tooth-Colored Brackets Offer Reduced Visibility For Teens With Braces

Not everyone can be recommended for aligners. If your teen’s teeth are determined to be too crooked for Invisalign, tooth-colored brackets can help limit the impact of orthodontics on their appearance. Unlike traditional braces, tooth-colored brackets use ceramic brackets. These brackets naturally camouflage themselves against your enamel, so that they are harder to detect.