Month: February 2016

The Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

It is a mistake to assume that the desire to fix improperly aligned teeth is purely cosmetic. Crooked teeth are harder to clean, and certain teeth may take the brunt of the impact of chewing and biting, which can lead to excess wear and tear. An uncomfortable bite can even lead to TMJ problems, which… Read more »

Discreet Orthodontics For Adults

Because braces are often synonymous with youth, adults may hesitate to have their dental alignment corrected. If you have crooked teeth, but are uncomfortable at the thought of braces, you should know that there are orthodontic devices that offer less interference with your appearance. Some people can qualify to straighten their teeth without using braces… Read more »

Test Your Knowledge Of Orthodontics

Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, your idea of how teeth are straightened may not match up to current practices. If you or a family member have crooked teeth that need to be addressed, the process may not be what you expect. Developments have allowed for more advanced methods of examining your teeth, and more… Read more »

Low-Profile Orthodontic Treatments For Teens

Because they are commonly used to correct the teeth of younger children, older children may feel uncomfortable at the thought of wearing braces. If your teenager is self-conscious about the effect orthodontics will have on how they look, less conspicuous treatments are available. There are new techniques for straightening teeth that are less visually obstructive… Read more »