Starting Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

starting orthodontic treatment for your childIt can be difficult to determine exactly when you should start orthodontic treatment for your child. If your child exhibits possible occlusion issues at a young age, you may want to bring them in for a consultation with your orthodontist. In cases where young children appear at risk for misalignment at a young age, they may be a candidate for interceptive orthodontics. Any issues that affect the development of your child’s bite can be addressed with a treatment plan tailored to their specific issues.

Addressing Your Child’s Developing Bite

If your child appears to have a misaligned bite, or if habits like thumb sucking have compromised their developing teeth, interceptive care can address these problems before all of their permanent teeth have erupted. These measures work to start correcting problems before their jawbone has finished growing. While they may still need braces to address misalignment in their adult teeth, this treatment can be resolved in less time, and with greater ease.

Discreet Orthodontic Treatment For Teens

If your child is older when they receive orthodontic treatment, and are self-conscious about having metal braces, there are alternatives available that are less conspicuous. If their alignment issues are not too severe, they may be able to receive straight teeth from Invisalign aligners. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses a sequence of oral trays to adjust their teeth. The trays are clear, making them difficult to see, and can be removed. Tooth-colored brackets can offer reduced visibility for wearers of traditional bracket-and-wire braces. These brackets are made with ceramic, which enable them to visually blend with teeth.