iTero Digital Scanners Allow For Digital Dental Impressions

itero digital scanners allow for digital dental impressionsThere was a time when taking an impression of a person’s teeth meant having them bite into a mold. The mold could often feel uncomfortable, and messy. With iTero Digital Scanners, your dentist can perform a digital scan of your bite, which yields an accurate impression without the mess. Instead of taking an impression with the mold, a special wand held in your mouth uses lasers to map the shape, size, and alignment of your teeth. The advance of digital scanning can generate reliable impressions used to create custom-fitting Invisalign aligners, as well as oral splints.

iTero Digital Scanners

By producing a 3D rendering of your teeth, the iTero digital scanning process provides a highly accurate look at your teeth. With this advanced level of detail, your orthodontist has the necessary information to ensure that any oral insert you are provided fits comfortably. Patients who are receiving Invisalign aligners, or who need an oral splint to help address TMJ troubles, can avoid the messy, uncomfortable process of leaving an impression of their teeth in a mold.

How Digital Technology Aids In Orthodontics

In addition to iTero digital scanners, you can receive a 3D scan of your mouth with a ConeBeam CT scan. This digital scan produces less radiation than a medical CT scan machine, and can be performed while the patient is in a comfortable, open environment. A digital CT scan can help design treatment for individuals with TMJ issues. It can also be used to identify supernumeraries, and potential uneven tooth eruptions.