Caring for Your Children’s Teeth

caring for your children's teethBy now, we hope that proper oral hygiene is second nature to you. Brushing your teeth should be so common that you do it naturally, without having to think about it. After a lifetime of taking care of your teeth, however, do you remember how you were taught to do so?

If you’re trying to teach your children the proper way to care for their teeth, you may try to remember all you can about your own learning experiences. However, in case it was too long ago for you to recall the finer points, your dentist can help you care for your children’s teeth as well as teach them proper oral hygiene techniques.

Teaching Your Child to Brush

Despite its important, oral hygiene is relatively simple; brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once, and visit your dentist every six months for a dental checkup and cleaning (or sooner if recommended). Barring any preexisting medical or dental conditions, this routine may be all the dental care you need.

So why are there are so many patients with dental problems that range from the mild to the severe? Dentists agree that the majority of oral health issues result from poor oral hygiene. Teaching your child to brush his/her teeth every day should be the first priority in teaching hygiene principles.

Teach Your Child to Visit the Dentist

Generally, children should attend their first dental visit just after the first birthday, or after the first tooth appears. Your child’s dentist will thoroughly examine your child’s mouth to ensure there are no reasons for worry or need for further dental treatment (like interceptive orthodontics). Shortly after, you should schedule regular dental checkups and cleaning appointments for your child no later than six months apart.