Month: November 2015

Why Do I Have TMJ Issues?

If you have a jaw that pops or clicks or experiences discomfort, then you may have a jaw joint disorder. Over ten million people in the United States suffer from TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. This jaw joint disorder can lead to serious consequences, including difficulty even opening and closing the mouth. You may… Read more »

Three Common Types of Malocclusion

Did you know there are different types of crooked teeth? Occlusion refers to the manner in which your upper and lower teeth fit in relation to each other. A healthy mouth with proper occlusion contains teeth that meet their opposites when your mouth is closed for optimal function and balance. Malocclusion refers to a disturbance… Read more »

Caring for Your Children’s Teeth

By now, we hope that proper oral hygiene is second nature to you. Brushing your teeth should be so common that you do it naturally, without having to think about it. After a lifetime of taking care of your teeth, however, do you remember how you were taught to do so? If you’re trying to… Read more »

How Adults Straighten Crooked Teeth

The word “occlusion” describes how your teeth are situated, or aligned. Malocclusion, or teeth misalignment, is often detected in early childhood and corrected through prescribed orthodontic treatment (like braces). Though it’s often apparent in children, malocclusion can also affect adults, and is equally as important to correct in older patients as it is in our… Read more »

A Good Hygiene Checklist

Although your teeth are protected by your body’s hardest substance, tooth enamel, they are also susceptible to extensive disease and destruction when enamel is compromised. Even the most devastating dental issues, however, can largely be prevented, or at least managed, with good oral hygiene. As part of our dedication to our patients’ excellent oral health,… Read more »

Open House at Lake Country Orthodontics!

We had such a great time celebrating our Open House! Thank you to all that came out to help us celebrate, everyone who sent us their best wishes and to all that have helped us get to where we are today. Truly, thank you all for your continued support!