Month: October 2015

Fun Facts About the Human Tongue

Much attention is paid to your teeth and gums when speaking of your dental health, but your tongue plays many roles in your mouth’s function and health, as well. Without it, you would be unable to speak or eat, yet many people take their tongue for granted. To celebrate its importance, we explore a few… Read more »

Why Are Dental Checkups Important?

Even if you consistently brush and floss your teeth more than twice every day, without fail, you still shouldn’t skip your routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments. For patients of all ages, a good hygiene routine at home is only effective in the long run if combined with a steady schedule of preventive visits to… Read more »

About Crooked Teeth

You might not even realize that your teeth are crooked until your dentist recommends orthodontic treatment. Or, your malocclusion may be significant enough that the need for braces is obvious. Either way, tooth misalignment is about more than appearance; whether slight or severe, crooked teeth have the potential to seriously affect the rest of your… Read more »

Facts About Jaw Pain and TMJ Disorder

If you’ve ever wondered why tooth and jaw pain can be so debilitating, the answer can be found in your trigeminal nerve – the fifth and largest of your cranial nerves. Its three branches are largely responsible for your jaw’s movement, and when disturbed, they can distribute pain throughout your jaw, head, face, and more…. Read more »