True/False Quiz About Crooked Teeth

quiz about crooked teethIf you wore braces as a child, then you’re probably familiar with the complications that can arise from crooked teeth. As an older teen or adult with crooked teeth, however, the prospect of metal braces may trump any warnings about not straightening your teeth. If you’re considering straighter teeth to improve your confidence in your smile, then wearing metal braces can seem contradictory to your goal. Unfortunately, straight teeth are more than a mere cosmetic concern.  

How Bad Can Crooked Teeth Be? True/False Quiz

Crooked teeth may look unsightly, but typically do not threaten your oral health.

False—Crooked teeth are unsightly, but more importantly, they can throw your bite off balance, leading to a host of functional dental problems like bruxism (habitual teeth-grinding) and TMJ disorder. Also, the odd angles and crevices created by crooked teeth can make proper dental hygiene more difficult, increasing your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Straightening your teeth can improve your physical wellbeing.

True—Other than your dental health, straighter teeth don’t directly affect your physical wellbeing; however, confidence in your smile does. Studies have shown that smiling confidently and often can help brighten the mood around you and ease your level of stress. If crooked teeth make you apprehensive about smiling, then straightening your teeth and showing off your smile can lighten your overall stress and reduce your risk of developing stress-related illnesses (like hypertension and heart disease).

You don’t need metal braces to straighten your teeth.

True—If your teeth are crooked, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you don’t necessarily need metal braces to straighten them. For instance, with Invisalign clear braces, you can replace metal braces with removable, clear acrylic aligners that are custom-designed to fit your teeth. Their translucency makes Invisalign clear braces virtually undetectable; their removability makes eating and dental hygiene more convenient; and their focus on aesthetics means a shorter average treatment time.


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