Malocclusion Variations

man checking for malocclusionAt some point in your life, you may notice that your teeth do not completely line up properly, and you may be wondering if you need to seek treatment. Malocclusion is commonly diagnosed in children and young adults, and often requires some form of orthodontic treatment for correction. There are several different classifications for the types of misaligned teeth, and in some cases, correction is only performed for cosmetic reasons. There are many causes of crooked or misaligned teeth, and in most cases there is no form of prevention.

 Class 1: Neutrocclusion

This form of dental misalignment is the most commonly diagnosed, and results in a mostly normal bite. Typically the upper teeth will slightly overlap the lower teeth, but the first upper molar will correctly rest within the groove of the first lower molar. There may be noticeable spacing, crowding, or eruption complications with the rest of the teeth. A patient that is diagnosed with Class 1 malocclusion will have no difficulties in chewing or speaking properly.

Class 2: Distocclusion

Also known as overbite, this type of occlusion causes the upper teeth to severely overlap the lower teeth, and upper molars may actually rest in front of their lower counterparts. In severe cases, the front bottom teeth may rest on the hard palate behind the upper teeth, which can lead to pain and complications with chewing and speaking.

Class 3: Mesiocclusion

When the lower teeth and/or jaw extend past the upper teeth, it is known as mesiocclusion. This can occur when a person has a larger lower jaw, or a short upper one. This type of occlusion can be dangerous if the upper incisors cut into the gingival tissue of the lower jaw when masticating or during sleep.

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