Common Questions About Invisalign: Answered

smileglassessweaterIf you have decided it’s time to straighten your smile with Invisalign, you probably feel overjoyed at the prospect of your future, beautifully aligned grin. However, a variety of questions may be creeping into your mind, causing you to second guess your decision that initially sounded like such a wonderful plan. Rather than miss out on the advantages of this orthodontic option, we hope you will consider the following questions and answers that we commonly receive from patients. By learning more about the details regarding clear braces, you will have an easier time confidently saying, “yes” to treatment:

Your Questions About Invisalign

Question: How do you create the trays?

Answer: We will design your trays using 3D imaging software. A skilled technician at a certified Invisalign lab will then use that design to create a series of plastic trays that you will wear throughout the course of your treatment, graduating from one to the next.

Question: Is the plastic safe for daily wear?

Answer: Yes. The trays are made out of clear, smooth, BPA-free plastic. You can safely wear them for an extended period of time and can expect limited irritation, if any at all.

Question: Will I need to wear the aligner trays all day every day?

Answer: You will need to wear your Invisalign treatment for the majority of the day but not all day. We suggest that you wear the trays for a total of 20 to 22 hours each day for effective treatment. This provides you with ample time to remove the trays to eat or to care for your smile.

Question: Are clear braces much more expensive than traditional metal braces?

Answer: In most cases, Invisalign costs are in line with those of conventional braces, so you can expect to make a similar investment.

Question: Will clear braces work for my type of malocclusion?

Answer: This treatment may very well treat your malocclusion – or improper bite. However, for extremely severe misalignment, metal braces may offer a more appropriate solution. Invisalign works to improve spacing, overcrowding, cross bite, overbite, and underbite.


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