What is an Orthodontic Emergency?


Orthodontics can correct misalignment and help you enjoy a even, healthier smile. Occasionally however, you may find yourself faced with an orthodontic emergency. What is an orthodontic emergency? Simply put, this refers to any damage that occurs to your braces or appliances, as well as any discomfort that rises from wearing them. When faced with such a scenario, you should contact out office right away. There are also steps you can take to ease the initial discomfort until you can see your orthodontist.

5 Common Orthodontic Emergencies

1. My Mouth Hurts: When first receiving braces or an oral appliance, as well following adjustments, you may experience discomfort. We recommend first rinsing your mouth with warm water and taking acetaminophen to ease discomfort. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

2. A Wire is Loose: A loose wire can be very uncomfortable. There are a few options for addressing this issue until you can see your orthodontist. First, try using a pencil eraser to push wire down. You can also use tweezers to push the wire back into place. Finally, placing wax over the wire and prevent discomfort. If the issue persists, contact our office.

3. A Bracket is Loose: If your bracket comes loose, then you can place wax over it to hold it in place until you can see your orthodontist.

4. My Headgear Doesn’t Fit Comfortably: With new headgear, an initial period of discomfort is expected. We will provide detailed instructions for dealing with this as you adjust to your new orthodontic headgear.

5. My Appliance Doesn’t Fit: If any part of your retainer or oral appliance is causing discomfort, then place wax over that portion.


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