Tips to Keep Your Braces Clean

Having braces can be a little annoying, and you probably want to complete the treatment as soon as possible. Did you know that practicing excellent oral hygiene while you have braces can actually reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the treatment? By keeping your braces clean, you will maintain a healthy environment that is required by your teeth while they move into their new positions. There are several techniques you can use to keep your smile sparkling, and avoid embarrassing, “food-stuck-in-your-braces” moments.

Brushing With Braces

When you have brackets and wires in your mouth, there are many more places for bacteria and plaque to hide. You should try to brush after every meal to remove food particles that bacteria like to feed on. If you cannot brush, rinse your mouth with water (and spit it out) to rid your braces of loose debris. When brushing your teeth and braces, you will know that you have done a good job if you can clearly see the edges of your brackets and they look clean and shiny.

How To Clean Between Your Teeth

While you have braces, you should expect to spend extra time cleaning between your teeth every night. Flossing is a bit more difficult during orthodontic treatment, but it is the most important ritual you can perform to keep your mouth healthy. Some patients find that floss “threaders” make the task easier. There are also several other interdental cleaners on the market that you can use. If using regular floss, always use waxed, because non-waxed can shred apart on your wires. Feed the floss through your main wire, between two brackets, and floss one pair of teeth focusing on your gum line. Unthread your floss, and refeed it under your wire between the next set of teeth. Continue flossing this way until all the spaces between your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned.

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