Getting to Know the Types of Malocclusion

man learning the types of malocclusionMany school-age children, as well as adults, are diagnosed with some form of malocclusion, though not everyone always seeks treatment to correct it. There are many types of malocclusion, or misaligned bite, which can range from benign to possibly being a serious concern. Knowing the difference in type can assist in determining whether treatment is necessary or not. Some cases of malocclusion, if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to your oral health, while many corrections are performed for purely cosmetic reasons.


Most types of malocclusion can be classified into one of three groups. These groups are based on the relative position of your first upper molar, which should rest comfortably in the groove of your lower first molar with all other teeth following suit.

  • Class 1 – Neutrocclusion; (most common type) upper teeth may overlap bottom teeth but bite remains normal, upper and lower first molar meet and rest comfortably, may also involve minor crowding or spacing issues.
  • Class 2 – Distocclusion; also known as “overbite”, often the front teeth are protruded and upper and lower molars do not line up.
  • Class 3 – Mesiocclusion; lower teeth tend to protrude past upper teeth and create an appearance of a short upper jaw. Can be severe if lower teeth rest on gum tissue.


The severity of your malocclusion will determine whether treatment is necessary. Most people are not born with perfectly aligned teeth, and when detected in childhood, orthodontists nearly always recommend corrective treatment. Besides how malocclusion affects your bite, you may also choose to correct minor problems for cosmetic reasons. In either case, Invisalign aligners and metal braces are excellent options for treatment. We also offer tooth colored brackets in place of traditional metal brackets to provide a better range of aesthetically pleasing options for you to choose from.

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