Eating Healthy with Orthodontics This Holiday Season

Many holiday traditions involve feasting on heaps of delicious foods and eye-catching confectioneries while spending time with family and friends. However, if you have braces you may find it difficult to enjoy the wide variety of delicacies in fear that you may compromise your treatment. Eating healthy with orthodontics is fairly easy, as long as you know what foods to avoid, and which ones can be beneficial. Eating a well balanced diet is important throughout the course of your entire orthodontic treatment, as well as practicing good oral hygiene to avoid complications. 

Foods to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are many holiday-type foods that can be very difficult to eat with braces. You should always carry a travel toothbrush and floss to any events where you plan to eat. Anything that is sticky or chewy could possibly cause problems with your brackets. Also, foods that are very hard or crunchy are better left for someone else to enjoy. To keep your braces healthy this holiday season you should stay away from:

  • Popcorn, flavored or regular
  • Sticky candy like jelly beans, licorice, and caramel
  • Nuts, pretzels, and chips
  • Hard bread rolls
  • Certain raw vegetables, like carrots

Beneficial Foods

Do not dismay! There are plenty of food options still available for you to enjoy, and they can actually improve your overall oral health. Eating healthy with orthodontics should be practiced year-round, not just during the holidays. By eating well and practicing excellent oral hygiene, you can avoid developing any complications with your orthodontic treatment possibly speed up the treatment process. Recommended foods can include:

  • Milk/dairy products, like yogurt and cheese
  • Soft bread, especially whole grains
  • Meat off the bone – usually cooked well, and cut into small pieces
  • Cooked vegetables like yams, green beans, mashed potatoes, and peas
  • Holiday treats including jello, ice cream, cake, smoothies, and milkshakes

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