Taking Care of Oral-Systemic Health with Fast Fitness

Smiling RunnerTooth decay and gum disease are often linked to your overall health in what is known as the oral-systemic condition. Fort Worth dentist Dr. Ciro Cabal, always encourages patients to eat a healthy diet and exercise in addition to taking care of your oral health. If germs really are able to enter our bodies through our mouths, don’t you want to be in good shape to fight the bacteria off?  Of course, people are busy, life is hectic, and sometimes it’s just plain difficult to fit it all in. That’s where the Scientific 7 minute Workout comes in.

Finding the a Program you can Stick With

The science of exercise still has a long way to go. While there are people that seem to be born with their own personal keys to fitness success, others spend a lifetime struggling to stay in shape. If you’ve ever known someone who is overweight but strong willed, you have seen firsthand what science has only begun to unravel – sticking to a diet and exercise regimen long term has very little to do with “will power.” Sometimes, the biggest issue is too many cooks in the kitchen. When you have fitness struggles, people who are in a great rhythm are often all too happy to impart you with their advice. The problem may be that their plan involves two hours of gym time seven days a week. Just because that works for them doesn’t mean it’s the only answer to taking care of yourself physically.

7 Minute Workout Details

Kate Hamm is a Blogger and Senior Program Guide at The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu. Her You Tube video lays out the 12 different 30 second exercises that make up the Scientific 7 Minute Workout which was featured in the American College of Sports Medicine May/June 2013 Issue. This workout is considered to be High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT). With short 10 second rests, the workout features exercises you are probably already familiar with – jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches, to name a few. All you need is your own body weight, a chair, and a wall to speed through a brief workout that, when done at full intensity, is believed to be the equivalent of a long run and lifting weights. Give this video a try for a few weeks and then you can report your results to Dr. Cabal at your next dental visit.

About your Fort Worth Orthodontist

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